• Getting Organized for Tax Time Yes it’s that time again, the tax man is coming. If you’re like most people you haven’t thought about taxes since the check cleared your bank account last year. But, a little up front effort will help keep you from the inevitable scramble on April 15.
  • Three Tips to Reduce Your Tax Before the Close of 2011 2011 is coming to a close, but before it does, there still may be time to take steps to lower your tax bill. accelerating certain expenditures for energy improvements, prepayment of tuition for the near future, and payments for medical procedures you been putting off. May have a significant impact on your taxes.
  • Bookkeeping Tips – 2 Tips Critical to Cash Management 1. Reconcile the bank statement. Reconciling the bank statement is one of the more important things for a small business. Always know how much money you have. With the technology today you can go to your bank’s website and check your balance anytime you want. Business owners need to consider the balance shown by your bank ...
  • Bookkeeping Service: Why is it a Great Idea for Small Businesses in this Economy Every time you turn around the news is talking about the deteriorating state of the economy. “7% of Minnesotans’ are unemployed in the month of January”. “The Deficit is going to increase by 1.4 trillion in 2010”. Times are tough and the outlook for the future is not good. What does that mean for a ...
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