What is contract bookkeeping?

A contractor is a third party that handles one or more of your business functions.  Contractors allow firms with specific experience and expertise manage none core business functions, so you can focus on growing your business.  Bookkeeping is one of the easiest processes for a company to contract.  Let Dedicated do what they do best, so you can do what you do best.

How can contract bookkeeping help me and my business?

Contracting your bookkeeper saves you up front time and money by foregoing the hiring process. There’s no more job ads and no more interviews.  Avoid the problems that come with turn over. Many companies experience real pains when their bookkeeper leaves suddenly, from time spent retraining new personnel to finding important documents.  Let Dedicated handle the hiring and training process, let Dedicated worry about organization and documentation.

What if I’m afraid I’ll lose control of my books if they’re contracted?

If your company is like most small businesses you’ve probably lost control already.  Staff turnover or lack of training and experience can cause inconsistent sometimes inaccurate data.  Data that is confusing, and more importantly does not giving you a clear picture of where your business is.  Dedicated wants to help you clear the muddy waters, establish consistent, repeatable processes to give you an accurate idea of where your business stands.  How can you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you are?

What about cash transactions, I’m not comfortable having others control my money?

You have 100% control of your cash, and any decisions on how it’s used.  You fax or email us copies of the checks before they are deposited and we apply the deposits to the correct invoices.  Dedicated will provide you with the payable information, and you decide who gets paid.  You sign all the checks.  In-house bookkeepers, in many cases, print the checks and make deposits and maintain all the associated records.  Unfortunately, in some cases, those circumstances allow the opportunity for abuse and theft.  Having you responsible for deposits, and signing checks, while Dedicated maintains all the records, insures the proper segregation of duties.

What if I need an extra employee to help with other things?

If you need someone to clean and perform other small task through out the day, you need an office assistant.  Paying a bookkeeper 30K-40K per year to be your office assistant is not cost effective or if you have an untrained inexperienced office assistant doing your bookkeeping you are not getting the most reliable information.  Get the best of both world’s: a contracted bookkeeper and a office assistant.

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